Hallux Valgus Surgery in Switzerland? Trust the French Surgeon.

Think you may need hallux valgus surgery in Switzerland? Trust the French foot and ankle specialist to guide you. Experienced, Dr. Lopez welcomes you to one of his offices located in Cannes or Nice. Whether you are experiencing mild to severe pain, living in Switzerland or elsewhere, the renowned French doctor provides comprehensive support and top-quality care.

Hallux valgus refers to the deviation of the metatarsophalangeal joint, located at the base of the big toe. This deviation causes the first metatarsal to deviate outward, forming a protrusion. This bony bump is the reason for the alternate name for hallux valgus: "bunion." While it can become painful and lead to inflammation, non-surgical treatments can sometimes be sufficient. However, based on the specialist's diagnosis and the degree of your valgus angle, surgery may be considered. Come consult with Dr. Julien Lopez to learn about hallux valgus surgery and its cost. In Switzerland, you have your home and work, so why not benefit from the expertise of a French surgeon to reduce your daily pain and discomfort?

Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments, Cost, and Hallux Valgus Surgery in Switzerland

The specialist examines your symptoms, makes a diagnosis, offers treatments, and indicates the cost of hallux valgus surgery. In Switzerland, as in France, being accompanied by a surgeon at every step of your healthcare journey is essential.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Hallux Valgus

The deviation of the metatarsophalangeal joint creates a protrusion, a bony bump. Friction of this bump against shoes can lead to mild to severe inflammation, depending on the stage of advancement of your condition. This stage is determined by the degree of deviation of the first metatarsal, affected by the condition.

First, the expert inquires about the factors that could explain the occurrence of this painful and inflamed bump. These factors may include:

Following this discussion, he examines your foot and prescribes additional radiographic exams to determine the stage of advancement of your hallux valgus. Indeed, the X-ray allows for the precise calculation of the exact angle of your deviation (outward inclination of your joint). If it's less than 20°, it corresponds to the mild stage of the foot condition. Between 20 and 40°, the stage is considered moderate, and at 40° or higher, it's considered severe. In this case, the valgus angle corresponds to a "severe" stage of advancement. Ultrasound may also help determine the possible presence of bursitis, which can cause pain and inflammation.

Depending on the results of these medical imaging exams, non-surgical treatments are initially addressed by the specialist in foot and ankle pathologies practicing in the south of France. Medicinal or orthopedic treatments include:

Depending on the severity of your hallux valgus, non-surgical treatments are sometimes insufficient. Therefore, to reduce or eliminate your daily pain and discomfort, the French specialist in metatarsophalangeal joint deviation guides you toward surgical intervention.

Sometimes Necessary: Minimally Invasive Hallux Valgus Surgery in Switzerland

Need minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery in Switzerland ? Specialist Julien Lopez practices in France. Make an appointment with the anesthetist, prepare for recovery, work and driving suspension—Dr. Lopez ensures your follow-up and support at each pre and post-operative stage.

Osteotomy is the surgical procedure performed to straighten the outwardly deviated joint. When possible, it's performed through a percutaneous surgical procedure. With incisions of just a few millimeters and the assistance of medical imaging instruments, the specialist in hallux valgus makes incisions in the first metatarsal, lengthens and realigns the affected toe. Then, stiff or deformed soft tissues, caused by the condition, are rebalanced.

Do you live and/or work in Switzerland? Nothing prevents you from trusting Dr. Julien Lopez, a competent specialist in hallux valgus surgery. You can make an appointment at one of his French offices to meet him and benefit from his expertise.