The management of hallux valgus in Nice

Dr Lopez has focused his patient care on those with hallux valgus in Nice his specialty: non-surgical treatments, surgeries, pain management…

Hallux valgus is one of the most common forefoot pathologies. Dr. Julien Lopez chose to specialize in the follow-up, treatment and surgery of hallux valgus to help his patients. Hallux valgus is a deformation of the foot characterized by a deviation towards the outside of the big toe.

A hallux valgus surgeon in Nice who listens to his patients

This hallux valgus surgeon in Nice practices on the French Riviera. Whether you live in Cannes, Grasse, Fréjus or Menton, Dr Julien Lopez will welcome you in one of his offices in Nice, Cap d'Ail or Mandelieu. If you live too far away and you can’t make the trip, Dr. Julien Lopez also offers online consultations. From there, he will be able to tell you the procedure to follow and the possible treatments.

Julien Lopez makes every effort to listen to his patients and make himself available. Do you have a question about the care journey? Would you like more information about the procedure? Simply contact the foot surgeon via the contact form or by phone. He will be happy to answer your questions.

In case of a hallux valgus, it is important to consult a doctor as quickly as possible. Consult a specialist surgeon as soon as a pain appears or if you have discomfort when wearing shoes. Julien Lopez puts the patient and their well-being at the center of his approach. He accompanies the patient from the first visit and throughout the care journey: before, during and after the procedure.

Treatment of the hallux valgus operation in Nice and its surroundings

In case of a hallux valgus operation in Nice and its surroundings, the treatment route is always the same:

The care journey systematically begins with a first consultation during which Dr. Julien Lopez determines the pathology involved and assesses the severity of the deformation.

In order to confirm the diagnosis, several medical imaging exams such as CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound can be used.

Depending on the severity of the hallux valgus, the doctor can direct you to a conservative treatment or directly to surgery.

In case of failure of non-surgical treatment, the orthopedic doctor in Nice specialized in hallux valgus carries out a pre-operative consultation with the objective of explaining in detail each step of the care path as well as the procedure of the operation.

During this appointment, the anesthesiologist checks your health and introduces you to several anesthetic techniques. It also informs you about their disadvantages and their advantages. In case of a hallux valgus, the recommended technique is loco-regional anaesthesia.

Foot surgery in case of hallux valgus in Nice is performed as an outpatient. That is, the patient will be able to return to their home during the day after the procedure. Dr Julien Lopez is a specialist in a percutaneous technique, so the hallux valgus surgery will in most cases be a minimally invasive surgery.

Once home, the patient will need to follow a set of rules and advice to promote healing and recovery.

Non-surgical treatments and hallux valgus surgery in Nice

In addition to the hallux valgus operation in Nice, there are several solutions to treat this deformation of the foot. Dr. Julien Lopez will direct you towards the most suitable treatment for your case.

It is important to know that it is impossible to correct a hallux valgus without surgery. However, it will be possible to reduce the progression of the deformation and to decrease the pain.

Non-surgical treatments

The plantar orthosis

A plantar orthosis is a device made by a pedicure-podiatrist. The best is to opt for custom-made orthotics made by hand.

The use of suitable soles will allow you to distribute the pressure by supporting the arch and limiting the overload and pressure at the joint of the big toe.

Although this treatment does not completely correct the issues of the hallux valgus, it will allow the patient to enjoy greater comfort, to limit pain and to practice sports activities without suffering.

There are also serial orthotics, including day orthotics or night orthotics. Dr Julien Lopez will guide you to find out what type of orthotics suits you.

The infiltrations

In case of a hallux valgus, it is also possible to make an infiltration in case of acute bursitis. Infiltrations are not insignificant especially in the presence of a hallux valgus. The prerequisite is an evaluation of deformation and discomfort in consultation.

The surgical procedure

In case of failure of non-surgical treatment, Dr. Julien Lopez will proceed to the surgery of the hallux valgus in Nice.

Its main objective is to optimize the pain management journey.

To do this, he systematically favors the use of the percutaneous technique (or minimally invasive surgery) coupled with locoregional anesthesia.

Minimally invasive surgery differs from conventional open-pit surgery because it allows the surgeon to reach the structures to be operated by small incisions of the order of millimeters. To do this, the orthopedic surgeon in Nice for hallux valgus uses long and thin instruments associated with an x-ray allowing him to have a good visibility.

This type of surgery has many advantages:

  • Reduction in scar size
  • Same-day support authorized
  • Easier pain management
  • Faster return home
  • Optimized recovery
  • Lower risk of complication and infection

Moreover, the use of regional anesthesia greatly optimizes the pain management process and it allows analgesia for the first 6 to 12 hours after the operation. Are you wondering about the hallux valgus operation in Nice and returning to work? Do not hesitate to contact Dr Julien Lopez via the contact form to ask him any questions you have.