Hallux Valgus in Italy? Choose an Experienced French Specialist

Suffering from hallux valgus in Italy? Pain, discomfort... choose the expertise of a French specialist in the field.

Practicing in the south of France, in the cities of Nice and Cannes, Dr. Julien Lopez specializes in the surgery of foot and ankle pathologies. Whether congenital, sports-related, or caused by prolonged improper footwear, he guides you towards non-surgical treatments or outpatient surgery for your bunion. The percutaneous approach is less complicated, quicker, and leaves only minimal, aesthetic, and discreet scars.

If you are looking for a hallux valgus surgeon in Italy, it's better to trust Julien Lopez, who has built expertise and skills through many years of practice.

Specialist in Hallux Valgus in Italy or Elsewhere: Initial Consultation

If you are seeking a specialist in hallux valgus in Italy, Dr. Julien Lopez welcomes you to one of his offices in the south of France to ask precise questions, understand your symptoms, and make a precise diagnosis of the stage of advancement of your bunion.

Study of the Causes and Symptoms of Your Hallux Valgus

Your most frequent choice of footwear, the physical activity you engage in, the potential heredity of your joint deformity, and more - a set of questions allows him to understand the potential causes of your symptoms.

Additionally, your pains and discomforts are analyzed to comprehend their frequency, intensity, characteristics, and the times they occur most often. For instance, a sudden pain, like an electric shock during running, is not the same as continuous discomfort caused solely by placing your foot down.

Diagnosis of the Stage of Advancement of Your Condition

The surgeon studies and analyzes all your responses and prescribes additional examinations. An X-ray precisely calculates the angle of valgus you are suffering from. This way, he can determine the stage of advancement of your bunion and tailor the treatments. A mild stage is characterized by an angle of 20°, a moderate one corresponds to an angle of valgus ranging from 20 to 40°, while severe hallux valgus is characterized by a deviation of the first metatarsal, exceeding 40°.

An ultrasound will determine the potential presence of inflammations such as bursitis, causing painful slips of soft tissues against the bones. Thus, suitable treatments can be considered by the French foot and ankle specialist.

Is Hallux Valgus Surgery in Italy Always Necessary?

Before considering hallux valgus surgery in Italy or elsewhere, it is essential to consider non-surgical solutions. If your foot pathology is mild or moderate, Dr. Julien Lopez first directs you towards orthopedic and medicinal treatments. These aim to slow the progression of your deformity and reduce your symptoms.

Before even considering hallux valgus surgery in Italy, the French specialist in foot and ankle advises you to wear orthoses, insoles, and/or suitable shoes. This will allow you to avoid suffering from pain caused by the friction of your bump when you put on your shoes or place your foot down. Physical therapy sessions may also be considered to regain the flexibility of your tendons. Additionally, taking pain relievers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories may be considered by the surgeon. In some cases, they are insufficient. Indeed, in the case of severe hallux valgus leading to overlapping toes or claw toes, surgical treatment is the only solution.

Hallux Valgus Surgery in Italy and Elsewhere

Sometimes necessary, hallux valgus surgery in Italy, France, and worldwide involves realigning the metatarsophalangeal joint. Dr. Julien Lopez practices in France and performs this minimally invasive surgical procedure whenever possible.

How does he do it? He makes incisions of only a few millimeters, uses specialized instruments, and is assisted by medical imaging equipment. He saws the deviated metatarsal with an appropriate cutter, straightens the joint, and restores the surrounding soft tissues. This surgical procedure is called an "osteotomy."

Under local-regional anesthesia, this procedure is less burdensome and performed more quickly. Known as "outpatient surgery," the minimally invasive procedure allows you to return home on the same day.

The foot and ankle specialist informs you of potential complications that may occur during and after the operation. Swelling and pain are the most common postoperative elements. To confidently approach your recovery, Dr. Lopez prescribes work leave, driving leave, and sports leave. The duration will depend on an analysis of your daily life and the intensity of your sports practice. Medication may also be considered to better manage the pain.

Trust the French specialist in hallux valgus to regain painless walking and everyday life! Find the surgeon in one of his offices located in Cannes and Nice, in the south of France.