Hallux Valgus in Geneva – Expertise of a French Surgeon

Are you suffering from hallux valgus in Geneva? It's natural to seek a specialist. Trust the expertise of a French specialist in this condition.

Dr. Julien Lopez welcomes you to one of his offices located in Cannes or Nice, in the south of France. He will interview you, conduct an examination, and prescribe radiographic exams to precisely calculate the angle of your valgus. This way, he can provide an accurate diagnosis of the stage of advancement of the deviation of your metatarsophalangeal joint.

Guidance at every stage of your treatment journey, from the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up, is the promise of an outstanding hallux valgus orthopedic specialist. In Geneva, it can be challenging to find an expert in congenital and sports-related foot pathologies. The French surgeon will guide you toward non-surgical treatments whenever possible or a minimally invasive surgical intervention for your hallux valgus. This expertise and skill will help alleviate or eliminate your daily pain and discomfort.

Looking for a Hallux Valgus Surgeon in Geneva?

Are you experiencing daily pain and discomfort? Finding a hallux valgus surgeon in Geneva is not an easy task. What if we told you that Dr. Julien Lopez is an experienced and talented specialist who has been performing hallux valgus surgeries for many years? He welcomes you to his French offices and accompanies you to help you no longer experience these disabling discomforts.

First Consultation with the Hallux Valgus Specialist

During your initial consultation, the surgeon will ask you a multitude of precise questions to better understand your condition, the nature and intensity of your pain, and potential risk factors you face in your daily life.

In this regard, he will inquire about:

He will ask you about all the risk factors you may be exposed to in your daily life. Based on your answers, he will guide you toward adjustments aimed at reducing the progression of this metatarsophalangeal deviation.

He will then examine your bunion and recommend additional exams to determine the stage of advancement of your bunion.

Diagnosis of the Progression of Your Hallux Valgus

Dr. Julien Lopez will prescribe medical imaging exams to precisely calculate the angle of your valgus or determine the presence of bursitis on your joint capsules.

As a result of the information and the results of your exams, the surgeon can determine the severity of your joint deviation:

Depending on the stage of progression of your valgus and whenever possible, Dr. Lopez will first guide you toward non-surgical treatments. These may include:

If these treatments are not sufficient to reduce your pain and discomfort or if your hallux valgus is considered "severe," the surgeon will guide you toward surgery.

Hallux Valgus Surgery in Geneva and Elsewhere

Do you need to undergo hallux valgus surgery in Geneva? Trust the years of experience of foot and ankle specialist Julien Lopez. In the south of France, he has impeccable expertise. Whenever possible, he performs surgical procedures percutaneously. With fewer complications than open surgeries, these are performed on an outpatient basis and include:

Following the surgery, complications can occur. Edema, characterized by swelling of the foot and toes, may be observed. Pain can also occur, alleviated by appropriate medications.

In addition to treatments and dressings, the surgeon will prescribe:

Truly competent and experienced, Dr. Julien Lopez is considered one of the best hallux valgus surgeons. In Geneva, Cannes, and Paris, this condition is very common and can become disabling in daily life. Pain and discomfort should not be ignored, as they could progress and develop into claw toes.