Hallux Valgus Surgery in Florence - The expertise of a French surgeon

Dr. Lopez specializes in hallux valgus surgery. In Florence, as in Cannes or Nice, high-quality follow-up is necessary.

Hallux Valgus in Florence - Everything to know about this condition

Are you suffering from hallux valgus in Florence? Discover everything you need to know about this condition. Hallux valgus is a common deformity of the big toe, which affects women more often. This condition is characterized by a deviation of the first metatarsal bone, which is bent inward, while the big toe is deviated outward. Added to these deviations is an exostosis (a bony bump), which can be very painful for the patient.

Factors and people at risk

Certain individuals are more predisposed than others to develop hallux valgus due to genetic, anatomical, and behavioral factors. Individuals with a family history of the condition are at an increased risk of developing hallux valgus during their lifetime. Certain pre-existing conditions (flat feet, muscle imbalance, ligament laxity, etc.) can also increase the likelihood of developing hallux valgus.

Regularly wearing narrow shoes or high-heeled shoes that exert excessive pressure on the front of the foot can also promote the appearance of this deformity.

Clinical signs and progression of hallux valgus

The diagnosis of hallux valgus is largely based on a clinical examination of the foot. Patients typically complain of pain when putting on shoes and during prolonged walking. Over time, the deformity progresses, the pain intensifies, and becomes present even at rest. The progressive risk is a decrease in the mobility of the big toe joint caused by arthritis and the development of other conditions (hammer toes, metatarsalgia, calluses, corns, etc.).

It is important to consult early before the deformity becomes too severe. Early intervention ensures a better outcome for hallux valgus surgery.

Although Dr. Julien Lopez is not a hallux valgus specialist in Florence, you can still contact his office to schedule your visit to one of his clinics in Nice or Cannes.

Pre-surgery - Instructions from your hallux valgus surgeon in Florence and worldwide

Are you looking for a good hallux valgus surgeon in Florence? Dr. Julien Lopez, a surgeon in Nice and Cannes, offers you follow-up for your condition wherever you are. Discover all the steps to ensure that your surgical procedure goes smoothly.

Anesthesia consultation

The anesthesia consultation is a mandatory step when you need to undergo surgery. This consultation should take place between 3 days and 3 months before your surgery date. If you reside abroad, it is possible to have a remote consultation. During this appointment, the anesthesiologist will provide you with specific instructions regarding the medications to take and the dietary regimen to follow. They will also inquire about your health to select the most appropriate type of anesthesia for your case.

Documents to provide

Before your surgery, you will need to send the preoperative information sheet and the consent form to the surgeon's office at the email address secretariat@chirurgie-pied-sport.com

Plan for physiotherapy sessions

In preparation for your post-operative recovery, plan physiotherapy sessions. These should start from your first follow-up consultation, so it's essential to arrange them well in advance.

Prepare medical equipment

You will also need to acquire all the medical equipment prescribed by your surgeon: compression bandage, shower protector, crutches, cold brace, scar cream.

Medication treatments

Remember to start the homeopathic treatment prescribed in the prescription, 5 days before the surgery.

All of these measures contribute to the success of your hallux valgus surgery and optimal recovery.

The day before the surgery

Take a pre-operative shower on the day before or the morning of the surgery, following the skin preparation protocol provided by the office. Make sure to clean the operated foot thoroughly, trim and clean your toenails, remove nail polish and calluses, and then dry the area to maintain optimal hygiene. You will also need to fast for 6 hours before the surgical procedure. You cannot drink, eat, or smoke during this time.

The day of the surgery

On the day of the surgery, remember to bring all your medical tests (X-rays, scans, MRI, etc.). You will also need to bring your complete administrative dossier to facilitate administrative procedures. Bring with you all the medical equipment prescribed by the surgeon.

Hallux valgus surgery in Florence and elsewhere

Whether you choose to have hallux valgus surgery in Florence, Nice, or Paris, the steps are the same. Discover the possible treatments for your hallux valgus.

Conservative treatments

Once the diagnosis is made, additional imaging tests may be prescribed to evaluate the extent of the deformity. Dr. Julien Lopez can then direct you to the most appropriate treatment for your case. When possible, non-surgical treatment will be implemented. Here are the possible treatments:

Percutaneous surgery

In case of failure of conservative treatment, Dr. Julien Lopez will guide you to percutaneous hallux valgus surgery when it is possible.

During the surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions to access the area to be operated and make the necessary bone corrections. Several steps are necessary to perform minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery:

  1. Making an initial incision on the inner side of the foot, at the level of the big toe.
  2. Shaving the bony bump using a miniaturized saw.
  3. Performing an osteotomy. The metatarsal bone is cut to correct the deviation and allow alignment.
  4. Applying a bandage to maintain the foot in the correct position.

In some cases, hallux valgus surgery can be performed without using screws. However, Dr. Julien Lopez prefers the use of surgical screws to stabilize fractures and reduce post-operative pain. These screws can be removed 6 months after the surgery.

Do you think your condition requires hallux valgus surgery? In Florence, competent specialists can be difficult to find. Dr. Julien Lopez offers his expertise and welcomes you to one of his clinics in Cannes or Nice.