Corrective methods of hallux valgus without surgery

Discover the corrective methods of hallux valgus without surgery offered by Doctor Julien Lopez in his doctor's office in Nice.

Is there really a hallux valgus rehabilitation without surgery?

Doctor Julien Lopez offers several techniques for hallux valgus rehabilitation without surgery.

Many patients dread the hallux valgus surgery for fear of the pain. However, advances in the medical field, and more particularly in foot surgery, today make it possible to considerably reduce pain or even not to feel pain.

It is because of this fear that many patients seek medical treatment for hallux valgus in the first place, rather than surgical treatment. It is important to know that there are no real non-surgical treatments for hallux valgus. The proposed non-surgical solutions only reduce the pain caused by hallux valgus and do not eliminate the deformity. At most, they make it possible to slow down its aggravation.

Le Docteur Julien Lopez vous reçoit en consultation pour vous interroger sur vos symptômes (gênes, douleurs rDoctor Julien Lopez receives you in consultation to ask you about your symptoms (discomfort, pain felt…) and performs a clinical examination of your foot. He then analyzes your walk in order to detect the presence of any deformities and pathologies of the foot. The Doctor will order x-rays to study your case in depth.

Once these examinations have been carried out, Doctor Julien Lopez will be able to direct you to treatment for hallux valgus without surgery or to surgical treatment, depending on your case.

The main medical techniques for the correction of hallux valgus without surgery

Let's take a look at the existing medical techniques used for the correction of hallux valgus without surgery.

Orthopedic shoes

If you want to treat your hallux valgus without surgery, you can consider wearing orthopedic shoes. The shape of these shoes will allow better hallux support to prevent the deformity from worsening and becoming more painful.

The plantar splint

IThere are plantar orthotics designed to straighten hallux valgus without surgery and to slow the formation of hallux valgus. There are day splints and night splints. Doctor Julien Lopez is best able to advise you on the type of splint best suited to your pathology. They are available in pharmacies (standard splint) or at the podiatrist (custom-made splint).

Day splints

Among day splints, it is possible to distinguish between purely corrective splints and protective splints.

hallux valgus without surgery

The corrective splint has the particularity of being very flexible and ultra thin to give you better comfort. It encompasses half of the foot and the entire big toe. Their use makes it possible to stop the evolution of the deformation. At the same time, a compression bracelet will help straighten the 1st metatarsal and limit crushing of the forefoot. This type of splint absorbs the pressure exerted on the hallux valgus and relieves joint pain.

Protective splints are made of polymer gel or silicone. A gel is added to the hallux valgus to protect the joint by limiting pressure and friction. It is possible to find splints with different correction angles to suit each stage of hallux valgus. At the same time, the toe separator prevents contact between the hallux and the 2nd toe and therefore, ultimately, the appearance of a claw toe.

Night splint

Night splint, generally designed in aquaplast, have the advantage of molding to the shape of the foot to provide tailored comfort. This splint has several objectives: protecting the foot against the weight of the sheets at night, relieving pain in the joint, keeping the big toe in its axis.

hallux valgus without surgery
hallux valgus orthesis

Custom splints

Custom-made splints are made by the podiatrist. They are molded onto your foot and provide both correction and protection of the hallux valgus. When they are thin, they can be worn in the shoe.

Orthopedic insoles

To treat a hallux valgus without surgery, it is also possible to opt for custom-made orthopedic insoles, directly molded according to the shape of the foot. The objective of these insoles is to limit the evolution of the strain and to give pain relief in order to provide you with better comfort. Their main purpose is to support the big toe and relieve pressure.

Hallux valgus: treatment without surgery or with, which one to favor?

For the correction of hallux valgus, treatments without surgery exist. However, surgery is often preferred.

When non-surgical hallux valgus treatment does not effectively relieve the pain associated with hallux valgus, it becomes urgent to see a professional. Doctor Julien Lopez masters all the techniques necessary to treat and relieve all pathologies of the foot and ankle.

In order to correct your hallux valgus, Dr. Julien Lopez uses the so-called “minimally invasive” surgical technique. Unlike conventional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery helps limit tissue damage caused by surgery. To do this, the surgeon performs most of the surgical procedures percutaneously in order to limit pain and large incisions.

This surgical practice has many advantages:

  • Reduction of scar size
  • Limited hospitalization and intervention time
  • Faster and more efficient recovery
  • Limited post-operative pain
  • Lower infectious risks

Doctor Julien Lopez consults in Nice and Cap d'Ail by appointment. You can make an appointment by phone or online at Doctolib. During the first consultation, remember to come with recent x-rays of your feet.