Hallux Valgus Surgery in Belgium - The Expertise of a French Surgeon

Debilitating pain: hallux valgus surgery in Belgium is sometimes necessary. Trust French doctor Julien Lopez.

Hallux valgus, or "bunion," is a deformation of the metatarsophalangeal joint, connected to the first metatarsal. Located at the base of the big toe, this foot pathology gives rise to a bump, a bunion.

It can become truly debilitating over time, especially when wearing shoes or walking, so the diagnosis by a specialized surgeon is necessary. Detailed consultation, radiographic examinations, and the analysis of a healthcare professional are needed to tailor treatments.

Trust Dr. Julien Lopez, a specialist in hallux valgus. In Belgium, this condition is also highly prevalent. From the initial consultation to the post-operative recovery, he provides guidance and tailored solutions according to the stage of the condition's progression.

Diagnosis, Non-Surgical Treatments, and Hallux Valgus Surgery: Prices in Belgium?

The diagnosis, non-surgical treatments, hallux valgus surgery... The prices in Belgium depend on the healthcare plans to which you have subscribed. The specialist will answer all your questions during a consultation.

Diagnosis and Aggravating Factors of Hallux Valgus

This exchange also aims to understand your symptoms and make a precise diagnosis of the stage of progression of your condition. Through targeted questions and the prescription of additional examinations, the surgeon will guide you towards suitable treatments.

Aggravating factors of the condition

The specialist's questions include:

Diagnosis of the stage of advancement

Based on the answers to these questions, Julien Lopez may also prescribe additional radiographic examinations. An X-ray, in particular, allows for the control and calculation of the exact degree of inclination of the first metatarsal. Furthermore, an ultrasound can determine the potential presence of bursitis, inflammations of the bursae in the foot area.

Following the results of these examinations, the specialist in sports foot pathologies first directs you towards non-surgical treatments.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Hallux Valgus

Before addressing foot and hallux valgus surgery in Belgium, Dr. Julien Lopez guides you towards:

If the symptoms of your condition worsen, the French specialist in foot and ankle pathologies will guide you towards minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery in Belgium.

One of the Best Hallux Valgus Surgeons: In Belgium and France

In France, Dr. Lopez is considered one of the best hallux valgus surgeons. In Belgium, this condition is also highly prevalent. If you are in a severe stage of the condition, surgical intervention is necessary.

The specialist, whenever possible, performs procedures by percutaneous foot and hallux valgus surgery. In Belgium, like in France, this surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, under local-regional anesthesia. Carried out through small incisions, it carries fewer risks of complications and results in minimal and aesthetic scars. Minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery in Belgium is made possible through the combination of Dr. Lopez's expertise and medical imaging equipment.

The surgical intervention for hallux valgus involves performing an osteotomy. The use of an appropriate saw allows for the removal of the characteristic protrusion of the condition, the sectioning of the first metatarsal, and the realignment of the joints. Soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and joint envelopes are rebalanced to restore natural foot support and walking.

The price of hallux valgus surgery in Belgium depends on your health insurance plan. During your consultations, the specialist in foot and ankle pathologies provides you with all the necessary information to carry out your procedures and obtain reimbursements.

Dr. Julien Lopez accompanies you throughout your care journey, from the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up. He provides you with information about hallux valgus surgery, the duration of work leave in Belgium, as well as post-operative recovery details.