Cost of a Hallux Valgus operation

Discover the cost of an operation of the Hallux Valgus performed by Doctor Julien Lopez, surgeon of Hallux Valgus in Nice.

Doctor Julien Lopez has a contract in Sector 2, so he can adjust his fees according to the patient’s specific condition. Here are the fees charged by the doctor for the first consultation following the operation.

Hallux valgus surgery is a complex surgical procedure. Julien Lopez uses minimally invasive or percutaneous surgery to treat this condition. This recent technique reduces complications and post-operative pain reducing scar size. Recovery is thus faster and does not cause much, if any, pain. Here’s everything you need to know about hallux valgus and the price of the surgery performed by Doctor Lopez.

Hallux valgus surgery: Doctor Lopez’s prices

Are you considering consulting Doctor Julien Lopez for hallux valgus surgery? The price may vary depending on the complexity of the pathology and also depending on the technique and the associated gestures such as the need to intervene on the lateral toes.

As a specialist in foot pathology, Dr. Lopez has specialized in Hallux Valgus surgery for several years. The doctor is approved by the health system (sector 2) and sets the rates for consultations and interventions himself, within moderate limits. The patient is reimbursed on the basis of the tariff set by the medical agreement. In the case where the patient is attached to a health insurance company, the latter takes over the excess fees according to the rate defined on the contract.

The price of the hallux valgus operation : what is covered by Social Security?

Is the price of the hallux valgus surgery performed by Doctor Lopez covered by Social Security?

The hallux valgus operation is fully reimbursed by Social Security.

However, as Dr Lopez is covered by Sector 2, the excess fees invoiced are not covered by Social Security.

To obtain reimbursement for excess fees, the patient will need to purchase a health insurance supplement. Depending on the contract chosen, the patient will have the possibility to be partially or fully reimbursed. Repayment levels can be 100%, 200%, 300% or higher. To learn more about the finances of the intervention, go directly to our “Refund” page.

Bunion operation: consultation prices

For your bunion operation, the price of the first orthopedic surgery consultation is 85€ and 60€ for any follow-up consultations after the operation. It is necessary to have at least 2 follow-up consultations: the first is at 3 weeks and the second at 2 months after the operation.

Please note that the price of hallux valgus surgery may vary depending on the type of care performed, the number of consultations required and additional procedures.

Hallux valgus surgery: anesthesia prices

Before the operation, the patient will have to have a preoperative consultation with the anesthetist, in order to establish their health and their medical history in order to propose the most suitable type of anesthesia. This consultation is 70% reimbursed for all practitioners contracted by sector 2, in the care path.

Bunion surgery: the price of outpatient surgery

Most often, the operation is performed on an outpatient basis and the patient is released on the same day of admission. In some cases, hospitalization may take 1 to 2 days, depending on the patient’s health. Rates for hallux valgus outpatient surgery may differ from longer-term hospitalization. The duration of your hospitalization will be determined directly by Doctor Lopez. Except in special cases, the remaining cost for a simple surgery of a hallux valgus is between 0€ and 750€. This rate includes anesthetic and surgical fees.