About a hallux valgus surgeon

Dr Julien Lopez is a hallux valgus surgeon specializing in foot and ankle pathologies. With his background and his experience, he masters the surgical techniques necessary to correct deformities of the feet.

Dr Julien Lopez's journey

Dr Julien Lopez supports you in the management of your foot pathologies. It is not for him to judge whether he is the best hallux valgus surgeon, but for the patients. Dr Julien Lopez is working to gather feedback from patients in order to improve his care.

His vocation as a hallux valgus surgeon became apparent to him very early on. From an early age, he already wanted to "fix people". It was only several years later, after a long career in college and many hours of hard work, that he was able to make his dream come true by becoming a foot surgeon.

His skills and know-how come above all from his university career:

  • DES general surgery
  • DESC orthopedics and traumatology
  • IUD for ankle and foot surgery
  • Sports medicine IUD

After 2 years of study in general surgery, Dr Julien Lopez chose to do a DESC in orthopedics and traumatology in order to develop and deepen his knowledge. During this diploma, Dr Julien Lopez completed several semesters in orthopedic departments which only confirmed his interest in foot and ankle surgery. Following an IUD in ankle and foot surgery, Dr Lopez completed his university career with a sports medicine IUD.

Wishing to continue to train and continuously improve his knowledge, he chose to join Rennes Hospitals as an intern in surgery. He also became an assistant at the CHU. At the end of his studies, this orthopedic surgeon specializing in hallux valgus surgery and did not stop there. He then worked a few months as a liberal foot surgeon at the Juge clinic in Marseille. From 2016 to 2021, he worked at the IM2S clinic as a specialist foot surgeon in Monaco.

Based on these experiences, he is now a recognized foot and hallux valgus surgeon.

A hallux valgus orthopedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery.

Today, this orthopedic surgeon of hallux valgus, foot and ankle practices in Nice, in the south-east of France. You can consult him in one of his offices in Nice Center, Nice Ouest and Cap d´Ail.

Based on his background and his experience, he will be able to offer you the medical treatment or the surgical treatment adapted to your pathology (hallux valgus, ingrown toenail, Morton's syndrome, toe claw, etc.).

Dr Julien Lopez has chosen to make the surgical management of hallux valgus his specialty. Always attentive to new discoveries from the medical world, this hallux valgus specialist masters the most recent surgical techniques. This is how he was able to make percutaneous hallux valgus surgery his specialty.

This surgical technique aims to achieve the least invasive surgical procedure possible. During the surgery, Dr Julien Lopez makes mini incisions of only a few millimeters. The choice of percutaneous surgery is not trivial since this surgical technique has many advantages:

  • A reduced duration of the intervention. Percutaneous hallux valgus surgery lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. Conventional surgery can last several hours.
  • Reduced pain. This minimally invasive surgery significantly reduces the pain associated with the hallux valgus operation.
  • Thinner and less visible scars. Unlike conventional surgery, percutaneous surgery does not require large incisions, which can significantly improve the appearance of scars.
  • Less significant infectious risks.

An orthopedic hallux valgus surgeon listening to his patients

After listening to his patients, Dr. Julien Lopez, orthopedic surgeon for hallux valgus, has a number of main objectives:

  • To limit the pain felt before, during and after the intervention
  • Improve your comfort of life following the operation
  • To promote foot mobility as quickly as possible after surgery

Dr. Julien Lopez differentiates himself from other surgeons by offering a specific follow-up of the pathology: before, during and after the intervention of your hallux valgus. This good hallux valgus surgeon does everything possible to be as available as possible in order to be able to answer all your questions and all your questions in connection with hallux valgus surgery.

It is this ability to listen that allows Dr. Julien Lopez to benefit from excellent advice from his various patients. In the event of foot pathology, a "very professional", "efficient" orthopedic hallux valgus surgeon "who explains well what he is going to do" will be waiting for you in Nice.

Whatever your pathology, this hallux valgus surgery specialist in Nice and Cap d'Ail welcomes you for an office consultation or for an operation in the hospital. You can make an appointment with Dr Julien Lopez directly from this website or from his Doctolib profile.