The hallux valgus operation requires preparation. We present a checklist of the main steps to follow:

  • The appointment with the anesthesiologist is compulsory. You must contact the secretary to schedule a pre-anesthetic consultation. The consultation should take place between 3 days and 3 months before the operation for hallux valgus. For patients who live far away (Corsica or other departments), it is possible to carry out a remote consultation by videoconference (tele-consultation). The anesthesiologist will give you all the instructions for medication and food.
  • Date, sign and return by email ( the preoperative information sheet and consent. Upon reading these documents, if any questions remain, contact the secretary to schedule a new appointment with the surgeon.
  • There is no dressing required: it is not necessary to call in a private nurse.
  • Remember to make an appointment for the physiotherapy sessions which must be started after the 1st post-operative consultation (from the start of the 4th week).
  • It is also necessary to obtain all the equipment prescribed in the "material prescription" and the shoes (compression band, shower protector, crutches, cold splint, healing cream)
  • Also consider starting the homeopathic treatment 5 days before the operation as indicated on the prescription


  • Take the pre-operative shower the day before or the same morning. You can refer to the skin preparation protocol which was given to you by the secretary. Make sure to clean the operated foot, cut and clean the nails, remove the varnish, then dry.
  • Fasting in the 6 hours preceding the operation (no longer eating, drinking or smoking).


  • Remember to bring back all of your exams (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, etc.) on the day of the operation.
  • Take all of your administrative file
  • Remember to take the shoe(s), crutches and the compression band.


You will be called the day before or in the days preceding to inform you of the meeting time for the clinic. Admission can be done the same day. You will be greeted then your identity will be verified. You will then be installed and prepared before being transferred to the anesthesia room.

Hallux valgus hospital stay / Outpatient hallux valgus operation

The length of hospital stay for hallux valgus surgery is short. Ambulatory hallux valgus surgery is usually the rule. The ambulatory hallux valgus intervention is a rapid protocol that allows entry and exit on the same day, you will stay at the clinic for about 3 hours (time spent between admission and discharge). Outpatient hallux valgus surgery is possible in most cases but requires a few precautions: you must be accompanied when you leave home and during the first night. The hospital stay after hallux valgus surgery is 3 to 4 hours on average. When ambulatory hallux valgus is not possible, you will be hospitalized for 1 to 2 nights. For patients coming from Corsica, it is possible to plan 1 night at the clinic the day before in order to facilitate the course of the stay.

Hallux valgus anesthesia / Local anesthesia hallux valgus operation

Local anesthesia for hallux valgus is the most common form of anesthesia. After your transfer to the anesthesia room, the anesthesiologist injects anesthetic product into the 3 nerves of the ankle under ultrasound guidance. After 20 minutes, your foot will be totally asleep. Hallux valgus under local anesthesia will keep the foot asleep for 6 to 12 hours. It is possible to perform a small additional general anesthesia (light sedation) if you want to sleep or if the tourniquet bothers you.

The dressing in hallux valgus surgery

At the end of the operation, the surgeon makes a specific dressing (hallux valgus dressing). This hallux valgus bandage plays an important role in the success of the treatment because it keeps the big toe in the correct position during the healing of the soft tissues. It should be stored for 21 days, that is to say until the 1st postoperative visit. You must put on your shoes with this bandage. It is frequently stained with blood (there is no need to do this again). On the other hand, if your toes turn blue or white or if a very strong pain is present, contact the secretary in order to undo it. Only the surgeon is authorized to undo and redo the dressing.

Leaving the clinic

As soon as the operation is finished, you will be transferred to your room to drink, eat, and then do your first survey. When leaving the clinic, it is necessary for you to be accompanied.