Hallux Valgus Surgery near Monaco by Dr. Lopez

For many years, Dr. Lopez has acquired expertise in the management of foot pathologies, particularly during his work at the IM2S clinic, where he performed hallux valgus surgery in Monaco.

Hallux Valgus: Definition and Progression

Hallux valgus is one of the most common foot pathologies, affecting between 5% and 10% of the population. This foot deformity is characterized by a lateral deviation of the big toe towards the other toes. This deviation is accompanied by the development of a more or less significant protrusion on the inner edge of the foot, commonly referred to as a bunion.

The deformity may progress over time, and there are three stages of hallux valgus progression:

  • Mild hallux valgus: Characterized by a deviation of the toe of less than 20°, accompanied by simple inflammation, with or without pain. Wearing shoes can be painful for the patient due to friction with the bunion.
  • Moderate hallux valgus: The toe deviation ranges from 20° to 40°, with more intense pain than in the first stage.
  • Severe hallux valgus: At this stage, the deviation exceeds 40°, the toe is completely deformed, and it may slide under the other toes. Clawed toes may also appear.

In the case of hallux valgus, it is advisable to seek consultation promptly and consult with a healthcare professional. Early intervention is more effective in addressing the deformity.

Diagnosis and Conservative Treatments

The diagnosis of hallux valgus is based on a clinical examination of the foot. Your surgeon may also prescribe medical imaging exams to assess the extent and severity of the deformity. Dr. Julien Lopez can recommend a treatment tailored to your case, taking into account the deformity's magnitude and severity.

Conservative treatment is the first-line approach for hallux valgus. The surgeon may offer various treatments, including:

  • Orthopedic insoles
  • Day or night orthotic devices
  • Orthopedic shoes
  • Shoe adaptations
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

In cases where conservative treatment is unsuccessful, Dr. Julien Lopez will consider hallux valgus surgery.

Hallux Valgus Surgery near Monaco

Similar to his practice of hallux valgus surgery in Monaco, Dr. Julien Lopez prefers, when the situation allows, the use of the percutaneous technique. This approach aims to minimize the impact of the surgery on the patient while ensuring optimal results.

Percutaneous surgery involves making small incisions, avoiding the need for large surgical openings. Using instruments specifically designed for this method, the surgeon can access the affected area and make the necessary corrections.

Hallux valgus surgery is most often performed on an outpatient basis, allowing for same-day admission and discharge. On the day of the surgery, the patient should be accompanied to ensure a safe return home. On the day of the surgery, remember to bring all your medical examinations (MRI, ultrasounds, CT scans, etc.) and your administrative documents. Also, remember to bring the equipment prescribed by your surgeon beforehand, such as shoes, crutches, compression bandages, etc.

Pain Management Protocol

Pain is a common concern for patients. Dr. Julien Lopez prioritizes patient comfort and pain management. Therefore, he typically prefers locoregional anesthesia, a technique that numbs a specific portion of the leg. The major advantage of this method is its long-lasting effect, which can extend for several hours after the surgery. Home-based infusions are systematically offered to relieve the most painful period, usually 2 or 3 days following the surgery.

Additionally, the percutaneous technique significantly reduces pain by minimizing tissue trauma. After the surgery, appropriate pain relief medication is routinely prescribed to ensure effective and lasting relief.

Appointment with the Hallux Valgus Surgeon near Monaco

Dr. Lopez is no longer performing hallux valgus surgery in Monaco since 2021. He now works exclusively in France and offers consultations or teleconsultations. He consults and operates in Nice and Cannes, respectively, at the Saint George Clinic and the Private Hospital Cannes Oxford.

Proposed Reasons for Consultation:

  • Orthopedic follow-up consultation
  • Postoperative orthopedic surgery consultation
  • Initial consultation for hallux valgus
  • Initial consultation for foot or ankle issues
  • Foot or ankle emergency

Whether it's for a simple consultation or post-operative follow-up, Dr. Julien Lopez makes every effort to provide you with optimal care.

To make an appointment, you can contact the surgeon's office or visit Doctolib.

Accepted Payment Methods

Several payment methods are available to facilitate your consultation: checks, cash, and credit cards.

Agreement and Pricing

Dr. Julien Lopez is under the sector 2 agreement. We recommend contacting your health insurance provider for reimbursement details.