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What reimbursement will I receive for a hallux valgus operation? Security, insurance, CMU…

Discover, for a hallux valgus operation, the reimbursement by the social security, insurance, CMU or other that is available according to your profile.

Hallux valgus surgery, reimbursement by the health insurance

CMU: Hallux valgus operation price

The operation of a hallux valgus is covered 100% by social security if you are covered by CMU (universal health coverage).

- France / CPAM: hallux valgus operation, insurance reimbursement
- Bulle category (Monaco): hallux valgus operation price
- SPME category (Monaco): bunion operation: price

Social security covers the costs of the operation but does not cover the additional fees. To find out the reimbursement of excess fees, you will need to send the quote to the mutual. The average remaining charge after reimbursement by the mutual insurance company is 300 EUR.

MONACO: Hallux valgus treatment

  • Green Category: The hallux valgus operation is 100% reimbursed by the CCSS. The remainder to be paid by the patient is 0 EUR.
  • Rose: hallux valgus price
    The hallux valgus operation is 100% reimbursed by the CCSS. A 20% overrun on the BRSS (Social Security Reimbursement Base) is applied. This excess may be reimbursed by your mutual, you will have to send them the quote.

Private insurance: hallux valgus surgery reimbursement
The cost of bunion surgery is the subject of a quote which should be sent to your insurance.

Hallux valgus surgery price

The cost of a hallux valgus operation varies. The price of surgery for hallux valgus depends on the social insurance plan (France, Monaco or international insurance).